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Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture Brace
The Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture Brace is revolutionizing non-invasive humeral fracture management care. This brace is engineered so healthcare providers can easily manipulate, control and correct bone alignment during the healing process – all without the need for surgery.
Common Examples of Use Bene ts
• Mid shaft humeral fractures • Distal third humeral fractures
• The only fracture brace that allows a physician to reduce a humeral fracture without surgery
• Combines common methods of stabilizing humeral fractures:
○ Sarmiento fracture cu 
○ ROM elbow brace
○ Figure of eight shoulder strap
• The physician takes an active role in
alignment of the fracture
• Designed to decrease the chances of Gunstock Deformity (Cubitus Varus)
• The fracture can be moved into place instead of letting nature take charge of the alignment and gravity determine the  nal position
• Allows for shoulder to wrist immobilization of the arm
Shoulder Cu 
Shoulder cuff contours to the
shape of the top of the shoulder.
The contour captures the top of
the humerus and assists in the suspension of the Aligner PHX brace.
Varus/Valgus Adjustment
No other fracture brace on the market has the ability to manipulate the fracture to get optimum alignment
of the fracture. The dual adjustment points enable the physician to position the fracture, x-ray the fracture and then make varus or valgus adjustments to align the fracture.
ROM Hinge
A protected range of motion can be set to limit elbow motion during rehabilitation. The  exion and extension can be set in 10 degree increments from -10 degrees to 110 degrees of  exion.
Adjustable Arm Length
Push-button telescoping design provides adjustable humeral and forearm lengths. This allows the brace to be adjusted
to the patient’s anatomy – providing maximum control of the arm.
Part #
Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture, Standard, Left, S-XL
Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture, Standard, Right, S-XL
Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture, Standard, w/ Hand Attachment, Left, S-XL
Aligner PHX Humeral Fracture, Standard, w/ Hand Attachment, Right, S-XL
X = See size chart.
Aligner PHX Size Chart
Size #
X =3
8” – 11”
X =5
11” – 13”
X =7
13” – 15”
X =9
15” – 17”
Measurements according to bicep circumference.

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