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Breg Impact Consulting
The Breg Impact team partners with your sta  to set up and guide your customized DMEPOS program. Beginning with an evaluation of your healthcare facility, together we develop a tailored program and training plan to meet your organizations’ goals. The Breg Impact team will also make sure you know what it takes to be compliant with Medicare standards. As you grow, Breg Impact will keep you updated with ongoing support and updates through the ever-changing DMEPOS landscape.
• Support compliance through coding, claims and billing education and training
• Maintain  nancial goals through quarterly conducted business reviews
• Develop streamlined protocols to increase process adoption
• Remain knowledgeable on changing reimbursement landscape through continued
• Expense and revenue projections
• Practice analysis
• Coordinator and sta  training
• Protocol e ciency recommendations, revenue enhancements • Customized documentation
• Coding and billing expertise
• Implementation support
• Quarterly business reviews
• Dedicated policy manual and website
• Medicare audit preparation and support • Continuing education
Breg Vision Work ow Management Software
Using software as an accelerator to automate the work ow process, Breg Vision is an integral part of the Breg Impact program. Breg Vision is an easy-to-use, software solution for
patient work ow management that automates and optimizes your DME/bracing program. Developed speci cally for healthcare providers over the past 10 years, Breg Vision has been re ned through direct customer involvement and feedback. It continues to be an established leader in helping practices reduce cost and improve operational e ciency.
• Improve sta  productivity with paperless dispensing
• Streamline inventory management with real time tracking
• Exchange information seamlessly with bi-directional EMR/PM interfacing
• Generates documentation and assists with DMEPOS coding and charge capture
• Pull patient scheduling information from EMR/PM
• Push patient DMEPOS information and documentation to EMR and/or billing system • Single page smart dispensing
• Electronic patient and provider signatures and documentation
• End-to-End paperless process
• O ine dispensing and inventory counting
• Online ordering and PO reconciliation
• Robust reporting and analytics
• Real time inventory management
1 Based on case study on  le.
2 Based on average data from accounts. Not guaranteed for every customer.
“Vision has de nitely streamlined our
DME process. We have alleviated a lot
of paperwork, patients sign the proof of delivery on our mobile devices and we are able to capture information right in the exam room. Vision is truly an invaluable asset to Excelsior Orthopaedics.”
Donna Crum, ATC, LMT, DME Coordinator, Excelsior
Practice Mgmt/ Billing
Vision Connectivity
Vision Workflow Software
“I am very pleased with the  ow of information and integration from Vision to our EHR / PM systems. The people at Breg undersold and over delivered. They really have exceeded my expectations.”
Chris Greenman Administrator, Tahoe Fracture
Learn more about Breg Vision. View our short animation by scanning the QR code or visit

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