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Application Videos at Your Fingertips
Patients just scan the QR code with a Smartphone to view a video about the Breg product you prescribed. The videos show how to apply and care for the product, and also include tips and troubleshooting. Patients can also view the videos online by entering the QR code URL directly into an Internet browser.
Scan the code
Below we have included a few samples to scan for quick access; visit for a complete list.
View the video
Polar Care® GlacierTM Cold Therapy
FreestyleTM OA Knee Bracing
FreeRunner® Knee Bracing
FreeSport® Wrap
Fusion OA Plus Knee Bracing
SlingShot® 3 Shoulder Bracing
VPULSE® T Scope®
Polar Care® Kodiak® Cold Therapy
Polar Care® CubeTM Cold Therapy
T Scope® Hip
Horizon Spine Bracing
Fusion® Knee Bracing
Ultra CTS® Ankle Brace

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