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IntelliGuard® is the leader in Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) inventory management solutions for the pharmaceutical supply chain in hospitals.

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The Future of Hospital Pharmacy

IntelliGuard’s modular and scalable medication management systems support a broad category of critical pharmaceutical  inventory and supplies. IntelliGuard’s efficient and effective new technologies replace outdated systems and manual processes.

Tracking medications via RFID is an automated solution that can prevent errors, improve inventory management and optimize labor use. This solution ensures that medications are available when required and drugs nearing their expiration dates can easily be identified and removed.

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Introduction to Intelliguard

If you have issues tracking and tracing medications, controlled substances and other high value items; use manual inventory counting; and/or use outdated bar code solutions, you are an excellent candidate for IntelliGuard's RFID inventory management solutions. RFID technology can bring you a level of efficiency and effectiveness that no other solution can provide.

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RFID for Critical Inventory Management
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IntelliGuard® Insights
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Learn how IntelliGuard is shaping the future of pharmacy.

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