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PolyGel® offers solutions, technologies, therapies and products that enhance quality of life and improve well-being. Initially focused on developing products for the medical foot care and skincare markets, PolyGel has expanded to include brands ThermoActive, SmartGel and NatraCure.

PolyGel Fitted Ankle Gel Protection Sleeve

Gel Technology Innovation

PolyGel excels at producing the finest quality gel materials for the healthcare industry, in FDA and ISO Certified facilities. They are dedicated to providing a continuous pipeline of innovative and effective gel products that enhance one’s quality of life and support the over-arching corporate message of Improving Well-Being.. 

Their products represent the latest engineering advancements relative to gel products. As gel experts, they combine their knowledge of medical grade TPE, TPU, and SILICONE formulations with their experience and expertise in product manufacturing.

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PolyGel’s family of brands has grown and evolved, but their mission is, and always will be, firmly rooted in everyday well-being.

The complete line of Polygel products are available through Frontline.

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PolyGel Brands

PolyGel ThermoActive Logo vertical
ThermoActive Hot and Cold therapy is relied upon by thousands of Healthcare Professionals across
the USA.
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GelSmart provides health care professionals with well designed and value-centric therapeutic products to assist in promoting better patient outcomes.

PolyGel NatraCure brand logo

NatraCure has a very simple goal: to help people be active, feel better, and live more authentically every day.

PolyGel excels at producing the finest quality gel materials in FDA and ISO Certified facilities

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ThermoActive Shoulder Support Hot-Cold Thermo therapy

Shoulder Orthosis


PolyGel ThermoActive Knee

Knee Orthosis


PolyGel Fitted Gel Ankle Protection

Gel Ankle Sleeve


Silicone Heel Cups

Silicone Heel Cups


PolyGel Plantar Fasciitis Deluxe Night Splint

Plantar Night Splint