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For more than nine decades, Ottobock’s mission has been to restore and improve independence for people with mobility challenges.

Ottobock Ankle Foot Orthosis AFO man paddle board profile

Quality for Life

Most people know Ottobock as a company that manufactures products like prostheses, braces and orthoses, cushions and accessories. They take pride in the quality and advanced technology that are reflected in their product lines.

But there’s more. The people who work for Ottobock believe in their mission – taking it as a personal commitment to help make a difference for people who depend on one of their medical products to be more active.

 From bracing and support to custom orthoses, Ottobock has products for nearly every body part and condition.

Ottobock Orthotics

We offer Ottobock’s complete line of Bracing & Supports products, including WalkOn ankle foot orthoses, Agilium knee braces and Cybertech spinal braces and supports.

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Ottobock WalkOn

Ottobock’s WalkOn® Ankle Foot Orthoses are fabricated from advanced prepreg carbon composite material and help users with dosiflexion weakness walk more naturally. WalkOn AFOs are lightweight, low profile, and extremely tough.

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Featured Products

Popular items from Ottobock
Ottobock WalkOn Flex AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis

WalkOn Flex

Ankle Foot Orthosis

Ottobock Agilium Softfit Knee Brace

Agilium Softfit

Knee brace

Ottobock Agilium Reactive Knee Brace

Agilium Reactive

Knee Brace

Ottobock Flex Power Plus Back Brace

Flex Plus

Standard or Low Profile

Cyberspine TLSOx4

Cyberspine TLSOx4

Premium TLSO